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Helping You Heal and Ensure You Live a Life Where You Are Thriving

Individuals, Couples, & Families

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health. Through a trauma informed lens, I provide a safe and confidential space for my clients to discuss several areas of focus to enhance their healing journey. I work with individuals, couples, and families to combat their trauma and regain control over their life experiences.

Confidence Radiates from Within

Pageant Contestants

You already have a pageant coach for your walk, wardrobe and having the hottest swimsuit body, but do you have a clinical mentor for your pageant journey? Pageants aren’t just about what’s on the outside, becauseconfidence radiates from within. Your journey is also about protecting your mental health and well-being throughout the process. After my Miss USA 2019, Cheslie Kryst, committed suicide, and the shift of focusing on your mental health before, during or after competing became a trend.Mental health has always been my top priority. Using my 13+ years of pageant experience alongwith my clinical experience, I want to increase your awareness and improve how you can use this journey to jumpstart the life you dream of!

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