A Seat at the Table

Youth voice matters, especially older youth who are looking too achieve permanency. Walk away knowing how to be your own advocate and communicate to your team your wants/needs/aspirations

7 Steps Process

What we think, we feel, what we feel, we do, what we do, is who we become. Learn how to take control over your life and gain insight on knowing that your current struggle doesn’t determine your future success

Don’t forget the Why

When you plant a seed, you have to water it many times before you see it grow. Great for foster/adoptive/guardianship parents and anyone who is struggling with how to maintain their passion for helping others.


The art of forgiveness has proven to work every time. Are you angry, bitter and/or cant let go of the past? This one is for you.

Beating the Odds

Only 3% of youth who age out of foster care earn a collegedegree. Cordelia earned her masters at the age of 22 after aging out of foster care at 18.


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