Why Choose Private Coaching?

When the stakes are high and your future matter most, it's time to get clear on the plan you create.


If the chances of the youth aging out of foster care are high – then the youth needs to craft a detailed, youth led transition plan to help ensure a safe and manageable transition into independence.


I’ve worked with youth who have faced a multitude of challenges and aged out of foster care myself. I have a professional background in social work and transitioned into adulthood defying the odds of homelessness, incarceration and other challenges youth may face during their transition. I can help you too.   

How Coaching Works?

Unlock the secrets to ensure your transition from foster care equips you with stability in housing, finances and other necessary basic needs. Learn what strategies and resources are needed to maximize your aging out experience.


We will create a supportive and focused treatment plan to help uncover your core skills.


You will learn practical, impactful framework that can be used across other difficult life challenges no matter where you are in your life


Develop the advocacy and critical thinking skills that will help you connect with your team and natural supports in an authentic, engaging way.

Individualized Plans

Youth ages 16-21 (Youth who are aging out at 18 years old can sign up as early as their 16th birthday)


Goal of APLA


We will work together to develop a custom plan for you


Sometimes this is simply a few months (6-9months) to uncover and enhance independent living skills


For others we will work together on an on-going basis (10months to 1 year)

Get personalized support to develop a transition plan that empowers the youth and inspires action. 


Its time to change the trajectory 


Youth who are experiencing the foster care system have the opportunity to work 1-on-1 with a licensed professional and former foster youth


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